Hallowed Halls and Shallow Graves

HH&SG: The Town

Our heroes, Ezio Auditore de Firenze and Lucio Bianchi de Roma traveled into the tavern and met with the mysterious contact, Nero who tells them that a plot of the Devil is awaking and something must be done soon. Claiming that the order comes straight from His Holiness, the Pope, to recover an ancient relic who’s power could bring back the dead; Nero points them in the direction of town, Livorno, where an incident had recently occurred. Now our heroes ride to the small, sea-side town in hopes that they’ll be one step closer to their rewards but can a member of the Medici Sons and and ex-member of the Gilda dei Sole work together long enough to stop this threat before things get out of hand?

Our heroes ride away from the tavern and as they do, Nero yells out to them “Good luck! I look forward to seeing you triumph…or fail!”. So, they rode off to the town but the distance is a day’s ride though dense forest home to beasts of many natures. Some light, some much more dark.

HH&SG: The Union
The night has already fallen. The moon is hign and the clouds look close to rainfall. It begin to drizzle as near by persons take shelter at a tavern and inn called The Empty Palate. Inside everyone stepped and found the air warm and the people merry. With drinks abound and a sense of merriment in the air, no one would ever suspect that a couple of patrons here, were here for a more deadly reason.

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